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Crime Stats Archive

Memphis and Shelby County

Track crime trends in Memphis and Shelby County by accessing the Crime Stats Archive. This information will provide an overview of Major Violent Crimes, such as murder, forcible rape, aggravated assault and robbery, as well as Major Property Crimes like burglary, general theft, and motor vehicle theft.

Operation: Safe Community Monthly Crime Trend Reports are administered by the University of Memphis and the Memphis Shelby Crime Commission. In 2008, the Memphis Shelby Crime Commission developed an integral partnership with the University of Memphis' Center for Community Criminology and Research (C3R). Through this partnership, the Crime Commission is able to secure and provide citizens of Memphis and Shelby County with current crime trend analyses.

Crime trends and statistics are a vital component in measuring the effectiveness of the Memphis Shelby Crime Commission's five-year crime-reduction initiative called Operation: Safe Community, which began in 2006. Crime statistics are compared to 2006 as a benchmark to measure progress toward crime reduction and overall success.

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