Astrology And Tarots Know The Difference

Astrology And Tarots: Know The Difference

With the myth revolving around tarot cards that they are used to predict the future, tarots and astrology are often confused. However, tarot cards and astrology are two different things that have to be considered differently.

What Is Astrology?

Astrology is the study of events on Earth and the planets’ positions. Astrology divides people based on their zodiac signs (also known as sun signs) and helps in understanding their behavior. A sun sign is based on where the sun was positioned, during your time of birth. Therefore, zodiac signs are determined as per a person’s date of birth. It is depicted as a clock with 12 segments., beginning from the first house Aries and ending at Pisces. A person’s personality is believed to be dependent upon the house they belong to, and therefore zodiac signs are used to know about a person’s personality and behavior. This is believed to be because the stars and planets align to determine a person’s personality. Astrology is not just horoscopes. It is the study of celestial bodies and how they affect people’s lives.

How Are Astrology And Tarots Different?

How Are Astrology And Tarots Different

The most significant difference between astrology and tarot lies in the way of calculation, and accuracy. The randomness in the calculation of tarot cards makes it different for everyone, and therefore it is more personalized. On the other hand, people with the same zodiac sign are believed to have similar personalities, behavior, and circumstances. Tarot card draws are expected to be guided by the person’s guardian angel who wants to urgently communicate with them. Astrology is mathematical. It is calculated based on Sun and planets’ positions, and therefore the results can be similar for people sharing the same birth date. To summarize, tarot card reading uses cards along with the institution of the person who reads them. Whereas astrology scientifically gives insights.

How Are Astrology And Tarots Similar?

The ideology behind tarots and astrology are similar. They help people to find a guide from the astral world. They aim at providing insights into a person’s future, past or present. Nothing other than the philosophy behind them is related. However, while reading tarot cards, zodiac signs can represent a specific outcome. The differences between them do not hinder their purpose of personality development, as they help in improving people’s confidence.

Why Choose Tarot?

Why Choose Tarot

If you believe in the messages sent by the universe, tarot cards can be a good option. In addition, if you want answers to specific questions about circumstances that are happening to you individually, tarot cards can be a guide. Astrology cannot specifically answer your questions. The calculations can tell you the possibilities and chances. Moreover, tarot lets you know your hidden feelings and thoughts.

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